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Do you know the blog People of Walmart? It's pretty simple as a blog concept, you go to a Walmart and take a picture of a not-so-pretty, poorly dressed person, or just someone who looks like Shrek. I must tell an anecdote from one of my trips. Me and my lady did Route 66 2 years ago, and a few times we stopped at Walmart because it's cheap and we're poor;) I remember going to a Walmart (and I not exaggerating) where everything everyone else in the store was huge. We passed only one thin lady who greeted us saying in her eyes, well done young people you don't weigh 300 pounds. All that to say that there is a report on the People of Walmart blog because a lady criticizes the site because her mother is on it. For or against this site? I'm for. [Stream provider = youtube flv = http% 3A // / watch% 3Fv% 3DfWo-WTC-cFc img = x: / cFc / 0.jpg embed = true share = true width = 640 height = 427 dock = true controlbar = bottom skin = bandwidth = high autostart = false /] To see a small Top5 of what can be found on this blog: