He loses his driver's license at 3 Brasseurs and the person who finds it gives it back to him a year later

The TikTok user @stephanoeldelpas0 has just uploaded a video that is hugely successful. He tells the story of his friend who lost his driving license at the restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs a year ago. Recently, the person who found him contacted him and explained why he did not give him his license before.

Here is the message that accompanied the driver's license: Hi, I found your driver's license on a table at 3 Brasseurs a year ago… Sorry, but since you look like me, I used it for a year as a fake card lol… I just turned 18 , there you can get it. thanks bro »


@stephanoeldelpas0 #magicbackgroundgreen you can have it back! Thanks bro 😂😂 #stephanoeldelpaso #false card #driver's license #3brewers #Cafe ♬ original sound – stephanoeldelpas0

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