Popular singer Roxanne Bruneau defends Simon-Olivier Fecteau on Bye Bye

At the start of the week, Simon-Olivier Fecteau was sharing a screenshot of a message he received. A user sent him a negative review about the Bye Bye even though it had not yet been released. The director of the popular December 31 TV show responded with aplomb. (via BullshitQC)

Roxanne Bruneau comes to his defense

The popular singer Roxanne Bruneau decided to make an Instastory to come to the defense of Simon-Olivier Fecteau. In a text she published, we can read: "This year he has to create a Bye Bye. The Bye Bye Originally is a comedy review of the coming year. In an age where laughing at things gets tricky no matter the topic, if he talks too much about COVID people will be angry and if he doesn't talk enough people will be angry. I wish him good luck, I don't know him personally but I'm a fan of what he does. Every year I love Bye Bye and can't wait to listen to it because laughing is my therapy and 2020 has not been funny for even a second.". We agree with Roxanne, we can't wait to see the Bye Bye and it's quite a challenge that Simon-Olivier has in his hands!

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