The actor Rémi-Pierre Paquin makes a cry from the heart to save his 3 businesses

The excellent actor Remi-Pierre Paquin made a real cry from the heart on Instagram today regarding his 3 businesses. With the announcement which will take place at 17:30 p.m., Rémi-Pierre fears for the survival of his bar Le Trèfle which has 3 branches (Hochelaga, Verdun and Limoilou). In his post, he explains very well all the adjustments he has made and the good cooperation of his great team: “Tse when your 3 businesses are likely to close “soon” for “we don't know how long” worse that you invested in plexis, that you did all that you had to do and even more to respect the directives because that you see the danger and you understand the patent, that you have a great team that has worked for several months, some of which are very hot with masks-visors-glasses-all-the-kit and who really likes to earn a living, that you like the 50% of authorized customers that you have left with the end of the terraces because they are responsible, cooperative and they are very valuable when it comes time to pay your bills, which you do not want to complain about because you understand that it is a lot bigger than you but that you are tired of being demonized when the offenders have been highly publicized but that we do not talk so much about the fact that almost the majority of our sector has been ultra conscientious and very little responsible for outbreaks…. well it makes you a funny Monday. Good week. "