Everyone cries on the set of In the eye of the dragon following the presentation of this participant

The 9th season of the show In the Eye of the Dragon ended with a very touching moment. We learn to discover Marie-Christine Goupil's company as well as to know her personal life. From the beginning of the presentation of the young woman, we understand that the moment will be emotional. His company Les Produits Handy Adapters is an excellent idea. Bravo, Marie-Christine expresses herself so well, has so much charisma, you know she is a wonderful person!

By publishing the photos of the shoot, we can read on the page of Dans l'oeil du dragron: "It is on this extremely touching scene that the 9th season of In the Eye of the Dragon ends. Marie-Christine Goupil made the dragons cry with the story of her daughter Jeanne, who inspired her company Les Produits Adaptés Handy. And it gave them the opportunity to invest in a business that will have a real impact on society and on the daily lives of families living with a disabled child. What a beautiful moment of television ..! »


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