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I think I'm pretty cool when I write a comedy story or share a video with a remark I'm pretty proud of. Even a good Facebook status with a couple of likes and comments makes me appear a smile of sastifaction instantly. But since 2 weeks, the alarm of my alarm clock has been replaced by "Marcel, MARCEL, pass-moé the hammer that I vââârge for 30 minutes without stopping!" "Or" Maurice, bring me the saw to cut the mud! "Or the neighbor (always in a dressing gown and curlers no matter the time of day) who shouts" Calvase, it's 7:00, can you stop making noise, I can hear the handsome Gildor Roy to tivi? ". Positive point, I am cramped when I wake up; negative point, I lack sleep and have less concentration to write. So I thought to myself that during all these renovations, I should become a manual man too, why not?