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In 2 days it's St-Jean. Being a teenager is synonymous that I will drink my life (i.e. 3 beers Tornado and after all turns). At the dawn of this St-Jean 2011 when the box of 24 is not allowed in Quebec City, I sincerely think of going back to my roots and coming back to celebrate (my life) at the Center de la Nature in the superb / resplendent city of Laval aka I love Tempos. At the Center de la Nature you have the right to an immense green space, to scare the children of nice families, in addition it is quite easy to sneak in beer and listen to Grégory Charles who takes up all the space even if he is accompanied by his choir / small singers. It's true, I had forgotten, they moved the event to the parking lot of Cégep Montmorency where the green space is cement with Civics, that the little old people replaced the fearful children and that Grégory is still present. How to make my / your St-Jean 2011 unique? I offer you a little guide to celebrate / underline this event as it should: 1. Before going out and drinking / dancing [Intervention of a pimply teenager: Ayoye man worse Smoke like smoke a set of joints the size of an alien ship] you absolutely have to sing your hand over your heart the national anthem of Quebec (O Kebek Barnak) by Raôul Duguay (why it wasn't Grégory who did it, it would have been better with his choir or Whoopie Goldberg with the Sister Act sisters). You don't know how to get your hands on your heart while listening to this hymn, here is the example of Jenny Tremblay and little Steven Demers-Thivierge-Gauthier (3 surnames, is it weird?)                       2. You absolutely must update your Facebook picture profile to underline the St-Jean event with a neon powder blue marker. If you really want to be "sua coche el gros" you put a Quebec flag on the wall of your room hung with Scotch tape or blue gum and you stand in front to take your picture. If you use a cheap camera it'll be even better for the end result.                   You want to surpass yourself for this 2nd stage of success of your St-Jean 2011, then you have to score with as many mistakes as possible how "thu is proud to be kébhécois pî qke tu la's sule koheur le drappot d'hicithe!"