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Right now in Montreal and all over the hockey world, we are talking about what happened between Zdeno Chara alias the aggressor and Max Pacioretty. Everyone goes their own way to talk about this event. Sure Petit Petit Gamin, we decided to do a Small Small File on the subject. So today I present to you some of the best videos circulating the web about the incident. First you can see a scathing reaction from a fan, I dubbed the video "Ron Said It" [stream provider = youtube flv = http% 3A // / watch% 3Fv% 3DL1C6BjcQDgg img = x: / embed = true share = true width = 640 height = 427 dock = true controlbar = bottom skin = bandwidth = high autostart = false /] You can also see the cartoon "A day with Zdeno Chara", I wish there was a show on Saturday morning with these men. I could sit in Indian with my cereal in front of the screen.