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Now kids, it's time to talk seriously. I know you are not really used to texts longer than three lines on Petit Petit Gamin, but I have some important things to tell you. To get started, here's a little video clip to put you in context: V = KaQ9z3CWVugOphiucusFor some time, therefore, I have often heard about a thirteenth and new astrological sign: Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius, the man who holds a serpent at arm's length. I'm not a huge fan of astrology, but it rather piqued my curiosity, in part because it would imply that the other 12 signs already in existence would be shifted, which would make me a Libra rather than a Scorpio. I like being a Scorpio, it's a sign that looks good on me. On the other hand, my sister is Libra and constantly questioning, maybe it would do her good to change sign (sic). So I started some research to try to sort it out. And it's kinda scary, so get ready for a big WTF.