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I don't know the clique of "We all have a white background. com»But I like them very much. Firstly I agree with their message so much "DON'T VOTE FOR HARPER! And I love their humor. Sometimes I'm like "Am I laughing?" and then I'm cramped. What do you think of the pass that starts at 0:13? It's made epic at 0:16! What to remember in there? If you like culture & artists just don't vote for Harper, who also wants to abolish unnecessary erections. * Looks like they're in the background of Petit Petit Gamin ;) [stream provider = youtube flv = http% 3A // / watch% 3Fv% 3DlINJbuFzglE img = x: / embed = true share = true width = 640 height = 427 dock = true controlbar = bottom skin = bandwidth = high autostart = false /]