Pantera: music for baby?

Me, the first time I heard the music of the group Pantera in my life, it was at Musique Plus. And although I was pre-pubescent and surely looking for thrills, it had really traumatized me. To see singer Phil Anselmo, with a shaved head, scream his life while violently breaking a cement block with a sledgehammer in the clip of Mouth for War, that was a bit too much for me. But hey times are changing, we have to believe. The mini mini kid in the following video seems to be just anxious to have enough hair to headband his life on one of the group's most violent plays: Hostile Fucking! He's not even old enough to triumph over Carmen Campagne or Annie Brocoli and he barely knows how to walk! What is he going to listen to when he has a teenage crisis? Of Yanni?