Marie-Élaine Thibert and Travis Scott organize a Spaghetti Supper at the Saint-Eustache Flea Market

This new trend of creating fake events on Facebook really makes me laugh. We were talking to you at the beginning of the month about the famous Boom Desjardins with Migos in a Tim Hortons in St-Jérôme. Even Boom had to make a Facebook post to tell his fans it was wrong. The team of Malcommodes Grannies does it again, and this time it's Marie-Élaine Thibert and Travis Scott who are having a Spaghetti Supper. Everything will “take place” on “February 29” at the Saint-Eustache Flea Market. For the moment Marie-Élaine has not denied the event on her Facebook page… I imagine it must be true!

Already more than 1600 interested have expressed themselves on the event page:

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