Guy A Lepage responds for the umpteenth time to this comment on Everyone talks about it

Guy A Lepage is quite active on social networks, he gives his opinion on current topics and he never hesitates to answer Internet users. In his most recent post, Guy wrote regarding the day after the election: “ According to my informants on twitter, October 4 will be the day of the big reset. You have been warned. ».

The discussion quickly changed tack when a surfer began to insult the program Everybody talks about it by saying: “ It's been done for a long time but my taxes are still paying for your biased jerk dinner…. ". Guy A Lepage further responded to this comment by explaining that TLMEP makes a lot of money from advertising: “ Your taxes don't pay TLMEP because the show is paid for several times over with advertising revenue. Change positions and find yourself a name to take on the nonsense you say. ».


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