A disabled person treats the daughter of An almost perfect supper of the most imbecile of Quebec and will send her a formal notice

Last Tuesday, there was a big collision on the internets when An Almost Perfect Supper candidate says "Disabled people have no place in society". Richard Guilmette du Citizen Handicap-Quebec Movement made a video to address Anne-Marie and V Télé. Totally outraged by the comments and the dissemination of these, Richard explains the situation and what he is going to do. He also plans to send a formal notice to the participant as well as to V Télé. This video, uploaded yesterday, already has over 200 views and 000 shares.

My official reaction to the bitch of #unsouperpresqueparfait broadcast on Vtélé. Please share in large numbers! Cindy Royer Denis Lévesque Journal Le Canada Français Le Journal de Montréal Everybody's Talking V-Télé

Posted by Richard Guilmette on Wednesday, October 21, 2015