Alexandre Barrette forgets to close an adult site on his computer

On the airwaves of WKND radio, Alexandre Barrette told a pretty embarrassing story that took place in a cafe. Having forgotten to close the page where he was watching an adult video, it was quite a surprise when he opened his computer in a cafe.

He explains that the feeling that invaded him is as if he lived the first 4 seconds before jumping in a bungee or even parachuting with an alligator. We can say that everyone in the studio burst out laughing listening to him tell this anecdote! (via


@wknd995 Feeling dead for a few seconds each time…right @alex.barrette 😛 #xxx #tiktokquebec #alexandrebarrette #alexbarrette @genevievehdumont #fyp #fy #humorquebecois #humor ♬ original sound – WKND995

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