Roxane Bruneau makes a humorous video where she explains how to become a millionaire before 13 years old

Roxane Bruneau caused a sensation with her humorous videos on her TikTok account. In her most recent publication, she plays the role of Dimitri Auger, a kind of motivator / real estate investor. The character of Roxane explains how to become a millionaire before she turns 13 and explains her journey with the doors.

It's a great parody of people on TikTok actually making videos like this.


@roxanebruneau Response to @Tarot_jenny🔮 The imitation investor 🚪🏠🏢💸 #humor #fun #sketch #immovable #investor #money #cash flow #teambruneau #sth #Fr ♬ original sound – Roxane Bruneau

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