Woman Reports Quebec Dealership Fraud

A certain Melany made a post that is going viral about the sale of her car. She sold her Audi S4 to a dealership and later saw her car for sale elsewhere with lower mileage. We can read: " Still quite funny to find my old S4 that I exchanged at the dealer 2 months ago day to day with 25 km less. The last 000 photos were at my last ride to the dealer to make the exchange, you can clearly see the mileage she had when I went to the litter ».

She shared photos from the ad as well as photos with the mileage when she went to pick up the car. She also added: “ EDIT JUNE 1*: I just spoke with the director of used at Hyundai Drummondville, unfortunately we have proof that they bought the car ALREADY backwards – To be continued! ". (via Bullshit QC)


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