Hydro-Québec responds and finds the best solution to a user's question

Financial planner Fabien Major shared a photo where you can see bikers chatting in front of a charging station. We can read: " At @CoucheTardQc in Morin-heights, you'll have a little trouble connecting "your &@#% battery tank! ". The 4 places of the @hydroquebec Electric Circuit are occupied… ". Fabien identified and arrested Couche Tard as well as Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec's social media team quickly commented on the whole thing and offered solutions to this situation. We can read: " This situation seems easy to resolve with a “hello”, a smile and a “please”. If the power fails, a call to the police and a ticket should give them the necessary shock to motivate them to move, since this is against the law. ».


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