The new project of Louis Morissette and Antoine Vézina

Louis Morissette will host a new show called Le maître du jeu. Participants Christine Morency, Ève Côté, Mehdi Bousaidan, Jo Cormier and Matthieu Pepper will compete in absurd challenges. The excellent Antoine Vézina will be the referee. We can expect quite a TV show!

We can read in the press release: " Each week, the Game Master will challenge our five comedians, while Antoine Vézina will act as referee. Once noted, the tests will be presented to the Master, who will evaluate them and award points to the most deserving. The aim of the game? Accumulate the most points to win the episode and win the unusual prize of the week. The personality who has won the most episodes will ultimately be crowned champion or champion of the season »


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