A woman from Trois-Rivières writes a powerful message following a road accident

A woman from Trois-Rivières made a powerful message on Facebook to stress the importance of clearing snow from her car before hitting the road. She explains in her publication an accident she recently experienced while mentioning being in search of the individual. Kim also posted photos to show the impact of the accident.

We can read: " You neglected to clear snow and ice from your vehicle and it could have cost my mother her life. Especially since you never stopped when you were in the opposite direction and with a 1,5 x 12 x 24 inch ice cap you probably would have heard it go in my opinion. Luckily for you, she'll be fine. Please take the time to clean your vehicles thoroughly before going on the road, it is very dangerous and it could take someone's life. ". (via BullshitQC)


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