Olivier Primeau reacts following the standoff of $ 1,8 million with the tax authorities

The TVA Nouvelles article Beachclub: $1,8 million tussle with the tax authorities is causing quite a stir. Olivier Primeau decided to give his explanations in an Instagram story. We can read: " Let's say that a dj charges 100k we have to withhold 24% and send it to the government but in the 100k it's not the total fee of the dj. The dj doesn't get the full 100k… eg it pays for the hotel, the plane, his agent, tour manager is then it's not 24% of 100k that we have to pay but 24% of 100k less the expenses of the dj. ».

He adds: " Ex 100k minus 30k expenses = 70k which goes to the dj so we have to pay 24% on 70k and not on 100k which makes a huge difference. We're not there m bickering with anyone, we're just trying to pay what we really owe and not just pay to pay. ". (via Board click)


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