Guylaine Gagnon promotes the film about her

Guylaine Gagnon made a short video to promote the documentary which will be released on February 24 on her. It is the youtuber WTFKev who is behind this project which took him almost 9 months of work. For now, we can see only the trailer and it looks quite intriguing.

Posting the trailer, WTFKev wrote: “ FINALLY! I'm proud to announce my famous project: a documentary on Guylaine Gagnon!🤯 Well yes, I've been working on it for 8 months. It was the longest project of my career and I'm more than proud of it. I know you're going to wonder if I managed to meet Guylaine or not.. well you'll find out on February 24 ". (via BullshitQC)



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