It's over for Denis Gagné on the show L'Épicerie

After 20 years co-hosting the program L'Épicerie on Radio-Canada, Denis Gagné will leave his post at the end of the season. He had been there since the first show in October 2002 where he teamed up with Marie-Josée Taillefer for 5 seasons.

On the side of Johane Despins, who has co-hosted the show since 2007, will remain in post and will be present next fall. In a newspaper interview Le Soleil, Denis Gagné said: “ After 20 years of wonderful encounters, both in the teams and with the guests who generously shared their knowledge and their passion, I feel today the desire for the vertigo of the blank page to see what will appear there. ».

TV columnist Richard Therrien says the show still has strong ratings: " The success of The grocery store has never wavered: from 525 faithful in winter 000, there were 2012 listening last winter, according to confirmed data from Numeris. ».

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