Roxane Bruneau is sick of being insulted and responds to an inappropriate Internet user

Singer Roxane Bruneau asked her subscribers: “ Who do you vote for at Star Ac? ". Several Internet users answered the question by mentioning a candidate. On the other hand, one person just commented “ Shame on our sold artists without saying anything else.

Roxane reacted punchily to the comment saying, “ Hey why don't you go play in traffic my friend! If I was a sellout, I haven't received my check yet. Fak there I'm done being polite to people like you who come to spit on my Facebook page. I'm done being insulted as if I had created a global pandemic with my own hands. Nenon, FLASH NEW, I'm a pop singer! I control fuck everything except what I let get to me and you're not one of them! De-criss ". (via BullshitQC)


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