Internet users file a complaint with the DPJ concerning a video of influencer Alanis Desilets

Former Occupation Double contestant Alanis Desilets wrote a post on Instagram regarding a situation that unfolded for her. The influencer had uploaded a video where she dances with her son in her arms. She was far from doubting that Internet users were going to file a complaint with the DPJ.

The next day, Alanis wrote this message: “ I should just say nothing and go on with my life, i know. Yesterday following a story where I dance with my son in my arms, reports were made to the DPJ. I'm upside down stiff. I take care of my child, he lacks nothing & he is raised in a healthy and safe home. People are crazy man. Never again will you hear about my Méo, it's too fragile and I just can't deal with it. I am very sad. I know we are good parents. *Play Alicia Moffet's Lullaby* »

The DPJ would not have retained any of the reports. (via OD Scoop)

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