Anne Casabonne talks about her leap into politics with Éric Duhaime

Anne Casabonne made her first statement since the announcement that she is wearing the colors of the Conservative Patri of Quebec. She claims: " I want to represent the people of Longueuil in the National Assembly in order to be the voice of those we don't hear: the single mother who worries about inflation, the small merchant on the edge of bankruptcy, the teenager who drops out of school or the woman in psychological distress ».

She got into politics to bring Quebecers together: “Je jump into politics to bring Quebecers together, bring together the people of Marie-Victorin. I do not accept the current division created and fueled by François Legault. Only the Conservative Party of Quebec and Éric Duhaime stood up to unite us. I want to contribute to resonate this message of unity, solidarity »

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