Pierre-Olivier Zappa hosted a show at 12 with Chantal Machabée

The host of the program À vos affaires and TVA journalist Pierre-Olivier Zappa shared his television debut with Chantal Machabée and Luc Gélinas. On the airwaves of RDS, he was invited to assist the 2 journalists during the spring break. We can see that Pierre-Olivier was comfortable in front of the camera and confident to be on the air.

By posting this video, Pierre-Olivier wrote: “ I co-hosted my first show at age 12 with @ChantalMachabee! And @LucGelinasRDS on the set. I got the bite. And Chantale had sent me this VHS which I have kept in my cellphone since that time. Thank you @ChantalMachabee for that word which, in the heart of a young person, meant a lot. ».


Chantal said a word to her following her visit:

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