Jean-François Mercier is disappointed not to have been offended by Guy Nantel's book

The comedian and host Jean-François Mercier devoured the book Le livre offensant by Guy Nantel. Having said that, he is a little disappointed not to have been offended when reading: “ I have just finished reading Guy Nantel's Offensive Book and my first reaction is to cry out for the misrepresentation. I was not offended once. 326 pages and I was not offended once! We can say what we want but for an offensive book, it is not that offensive! ».

He ends his review by saying that the book is really excellent and worth reading: “ My advice: don't buy this book because I loved it! A book that raises many questions ... As if we had time to reflect and think for ourselves ... Frankly! I think the best way to be offended by his offensive book is still not to read it. The great moralizers will explain to you why it was offensive and why you did well not to read it. »


Guy Nantel's reaction:

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