The social media team thinks they are those of Hydro-Quebec and it's really solid

The managers of the STM - Mouvement communautaire page think they are those of Hydro-Quebec, Maxi or even Valentine. We can say that they made a stroke of genius with their publication which uses the name of a metro station with the lyrics of the song Femme de rêve by Claude Dubois. We can read: " Dream dream, Fabre espoiriiiiir happy "And they invited everyone to come on board with the puns:" If you have just joined us, as we care about you, we prefer to warn you: if the songs easily get stuck in your head, the exchanges here are at your own risk !! ».

We hope that those in charge of the STM's social networks will continue to do good things like this. It's very entertaining and fun to follow! (via Bag of chips)


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