Eric Duhaime reacts to the saga of the shower with his parents

A radio excerpt in which we can hear Eric Duhaime explaining that he takes a shower in certain situations with his parents has been circulating a lot on the web recently. The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec has decided to comment on everything on his Facebook page. In the publication where he shares Ygreck's caricature, he says: “IMore than 3 years ago, while I was animating at FM93, we talked about modesty towards our parents. I candidly admitted that I took my shower with my father, without necessarily taking the trouble to specify after a workout or in the showers of a campsite. My parents, a little "hippie", are not very modest. The audio excerpt came out this week by opponents who think they are harming the Conservative Party of Quebec. If that's all they have to say, our business is going very well. By the way, I find Ygreck's caricature very funny. ".

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The radio extract:

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