Christine Morency and Mélissa Bédard launch a touching documentary on grossophobia

As of November 16, we will be able to see the documentary series J't'aime gros. Singer Mélissa Bédard and comedian Christine Morency question the prejudices against overweight people. The two facilitators also share their own testimonies. They will receive several people including: Mathieu Pepper, Jean-Sébastien Girard, Lise Dion, Renée Wilkin ...

Sharing the trailer, the team at Vrai wrote: "You know Mélissa Bédard and Christine Morency, but you'll see them in a whole new light in this documentary series. In J't'aime gros, you will follow their very personal quest as they question the many prejudices against fat people while taking a sensitive and authentic look at the phenomenon of grossophobia.»

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