Martin Juneau announces the closure of one of its restaurants

Martin Juneau made a Facebook post to announce the end of his Cul-Sec restaurant on Beaubien Street in Montreal. The small and welcoming establishment specialized in natural wines. The cause of the closure is the pandemic as well as the construction sites that have dragged on in front of the restaurant. He ends his message on a positive note and we wish him the best for his next projects!

Here is Martin's message: " Sad day for Louis-Philippe and me, because the Cul-Sec will remain permanently closed. We have just signed the deed of assignment of the lease. Collateral victim both of a global pandemic and of construction sites in recent years. Cul-Sec was YOUR neighborhood wine merchant, where we had established the sale of natural wines to take away with the purchase of a take-out meal… 6 and a half years ago. Cul-Sec was OUR kind of establishment, the restaurant style that we really like: Super-simple food, high tables, fermented grape juice… I spoke of sadness, but I should rather speak of pride , because Cul-Sec made a lot of people happy. Me the first. »

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