Anne Casabonne criticizes TikTok's doctor

Following the passage to Tout le monde en parle by Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée alias the doctor of TikTok, Anne Casabonne decided to speak on Twitter. She mentions: “1-this Doctor who reproached me that the vaccine diseases I was talking about were not transmitted by droplets. I have no url links leading to my books but I will go there with government links (see following tweets)… .. ”. She then added: "a doctor who does not know the modes of transmission of the vaccines about which he reproaches me for not knowing anything: it is weir ... and who does not know that the fda, ​​even if it is American, is a world benchmark. re-weird. You will say hello for me. Looks nice. Pedantic but nice ”. Here is everything she wrote about the doctor.

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