TikTok doctor screams from heart as she talks about 21-year-old girl in intensive care with anti-vaccine

The TikTok doctor posted a video about the 21-year-old anti-vaccine girl who is currently in intensive care. Walmart_Justin_Trudeau has a hard-hitting message about disinformation and urges everyone to get vaccinated. Posting this video, he wrote: “My thoughts are with this family living events that no family should ever have to experience. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Mélodie will come out unscathed. With the effective and safe vaccines we have, the misinformation circulating is deadly. Help me fight it! Anne Casabonne's publications, for example, get 10 shares. Mine get an average of 000 shares. Why not share real scientific information, based on reproducible data published in indexed and peer-reviewed journals? Once again I repeat: INFORMED decision! ».


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