Patrice Roy pays a vibrant tribute to Doctor Alex Carignan during the Téléjournal

Radio-Canada news anchor Patrice Roy wanted to take a moment to speak personally to Dr. Alex Carignan during the Téléjournal. He had taken a break following the surly messages on social networks each time he was interviewed on the news bulletin. Patrice Roy took the trouble to tell him how important he is and to ignore social networks. Alex Carignan later shared this excerpt, saying: "Thank you Patrice Roy. It is certainly not an easy time for people who want to bring science to people. If the scientists withdraw from the picture, disinformation will have the field free… so we continue. ».



Patrice Roy's message to Alex Carignan:

« Doctor Carignan I am going to take a few seconds, it is not long. I read at the end of the week, was it on our site, I believe so, that the social networks and the surly comments and the nonos comments had removed you or tended to remove you from the public sphere. I will remind you how useful you have been to our viewers, I have received hundreds and hundreds of emails thanking you for your clarifications, also thanking you for saying that I do not know the science did not arrive there . So I wanted to encourage you anyway we see you less often luckily that means things are better, but don't worry about social networks, we find good but a lot of anything on social networks too. »

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