Dormez-vous president apologizes following La Facture report

Following the report Mattresses that make you lose sleep from the program La Facture on Radio-Canada (you can see it here), the president of Dormez-vous stores apologized. It is in a press release on their Facebook page that we can get their version of the facts. In the Radio-Canada report, we learn that the Dormez-vous company sells used mattresses without saying so.

Here is an excerpt from the president's word: " In line with Dormez-vous's high standards of transparency and customer service, we are redoubling our efforts to ensure that isolated incidents such as those reported do not recur in the future. I would like to offer you my sincere apologies. I cannot justify any action that is inconsistent with our commitment to serve our customers with honesty and integrity. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. »

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