Félix Séguin from TVA shares insulting and bizarre message

Public figures have been receiving more and more hate messages for some time. Recently, Patrick Lagacé shared a message he had received and then received another from the same person on begging to erase it. This time, it is the journalist of TVA and LCN Félix Séguin to publish a message against him. We can read: " Good evening, Mr. Séguin! I have a question how are you going to explain to the people that you have participated in spreading fear to the saint of the population? You are not unaware that you will have to answer for your crimes one day or another! You know that the truth will soon be revealed, you will not be able to hide the truth for very long! How do you sleep at night knowing that you are complicit in genocide and the enslavement of a people! Sir you are vomiting my only consolation is that criminals always end badly! ».


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