Anne Casabonne explains her controversial publication and looks back on the whole saga

Anne Casabonne decided to speak following her publication which had sparked a mountain of reaction. She explains that she doesn't want people to be divided over the vaccine. She takes the opportunity to mention that she is taking a break from her job.

What Anne Casabonne says in her video:

"Here, in this hubbub, I decided to speak in my turn to mean that, well, OK, Walmart is dissociating itself from my words. But know that I have never been such a spokesperson for Walmart. But indeed, perhaps in the collective memory of people, I am very associated with this beautiful Quebec pharmacy, which is Accès-Pharma, which is affiliated with Walmart. But I'm no longer their spokesperson either, but that's very correct. Because if we still have that association, it's normal that we want to dissociate ourselves if we don't agree.

But above all I wanted to go back to my status as a m ** vaccine there. Because I didn't want to offend anyone. It's just that I was like “huggable, how come, if I'm vaccinated, someone tries to tell me what to think about someone who doesn't have the same vaccination status as me? How is it that people try to tell me that I have to denigrate him, sometimes that I'm afraid of it, sometimes that I despise him, sometimes this, sometimes that. I thought that this vaccine is used to divide whereas a vaccine is not supposed to do that. It's supposed to improve a situation. And there, one would say that one uses it to create social disturbances, economic disturbances. We are even prepared to lay people off because of their vaccination status. Besides, maybe that's what I should have aimed for, it's more, not the vaccine, but that we use the vaccine status to do shit.

And besides, at the moment, I find that Quebec is managed in such a way that we want to create a gap between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. And me, that pains me. And besides, that's why on August 30, 2021, I decided to take a break, to retire from the profession. Because as an actress, it doesn't tempt me to seem to favor one audience more than another in relation to their vaccination status, to mooner unvaccinated and proud of it or vice versa. It doesn't appeal to me. Me, whether you are vaccinated or not, I don't care. Precisely, I do not want a division. I want us to unite. I want peace. And I want unity. Faque, this is what I wish us "

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