Luc Dionne responds to criticism regarding the sound of District 31

Several District 31 viewers complained about sound issues during the show. It is the author Luc Dionne who made a message on the District 31 page to explain the situation. According to him, there is no problem with the sound, it is the viewers' decoder that is the source. We can read: " Where does the source of the problem come from? From your decoder, which costs next to nothing to manufacture and which “decompresses” the signal received from your cable company. Because of their poor quality, some set-top boxes, when decompressing the signal so that you can listen to the series on your television set, do not differentiate between music, dialogue and ambient noise when the sound signal is transmitted. Pay attention to the moment of silence between dialogues. You will see that your decoder tries to "equalize" this vacuum by "pushing" the ambient sounds to the extreme. It is annoying, unpleasant and above all, very insulting to the artists and craftsmen who strive to offer you a quality product. ».

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