Anne Casabonne's agent explains why she is no longer on the agency's website

Anne Casabonne's agent has just commented on everything that has happened since its publication. Several Internet users had noticed that the actress no longer appeared on the agency's website. Jocelyn Robitaille wrote about the withdrawal from the site: “ For people who denounce the withdrawal of Anne from my website: I did not "cancel" Anne Casabonne Person, I did not fire her from the Agency, Anne made the decision, last week, to take a sabbatical for several reasons and it is by mutual agreement that we have decided to remove it from the site for the moment. ". He also explains that he does not share the opinion of the actress concerning the vaccine in any way: " Anne and I do not share at all the same vision on the health system, on our leaders and on vaccination, but I respect her in her choices and her position. It belongs to her. ».

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