Company pays $ 1300 to stream 13 horror movies

FinanceBuzz is currently seeking candidates to watch 13 horror films. Each person who is chosen will receive $ 1300 to watch films that give you chills. The goal of the FinanceBuzz project is to do a heart rate analyst while listening to a horror movie. We can read in the press release: " We are investigating whether a horror movie with a big budget delivers greater thrills than those with a lower budget. ". The experience will last 9 days and will take place from October 9 to 18. FinanceBuzz will provide successful applicants with a Fitbit tracker, a $ 50 movie rental fee gift card, and $ 1300. You must complete the form on their site by September 26th.

The list of films:

1. Saw

2. Amityville Horror

3. A Quiet Place

4. A Quiet Place Part 2

5. Candy Man

6. Insidious

7. The Blair Witch Project

8. Sinister

9. Get Out

10. The Purge

11. Halloween (2018)

12. Paranormal Activity

13. Annabelle

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