Maple Industry Council members congratulate Leylah Fernandez and throw an arrow at Maxi

After her victory over Svitolina, Leylah Annie Fernandez answered the interviewer's question on the pitch " What is the secret to Canadians' tennis success? ". The 19-year-old's response made a lot of people smile with “Maple syrup". The members of the Maple Industry Council (CIE) have just issued a press release to congratulate the young athlete. The Maple Industry Council even agrees to donate maple products to Leylah while sending a little message to Maxi: “ Unlike the food giant Maxi, which ended its partnership with Félix Auger-Aliassime when the young tennis player was defeated for the first time on Canadian soil, the members of the CIE are committed to unconditionally meeting Leylah's needs for local products. 'maple ».

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