The Lorembarnak insult generator will give you spanking Quebec curses

Are you tired of always using the same Quebec expletives when you are angry with someone or a boring situation happens to you. You absolutely must find out Lorembarnak, a new generator of insults. You choose the length of the desired blasphemy, and presto you can copy it and send it!

On the site we define this new generator as follows: " A combination of the famous filler “Lorem ipsum” and the iconic curse “tabarnak”, Lorembarnak pays homage to the rich cultural landscape of Quebec coronations by generating random chains of obscenities on demand. Did you hit your toe so hard you lost your words? Have you been asked to compose a few paragraphs for a project that makes you look pretty damned? Do you feel frustrated trying to assemble a new Swedish piece of furniture? No matter the occasion, Lorembarnak will be there to meet all of your text-based needs. »

Here are some examples:


« Viarge of sapristi of cibole of baptism of colon of mash of taboire of boar of chives. »


« Ciborium crucifix ciborium of saint-ciarge of cossin of geritolus of saint-ciborium of Jesus of plaster of boar of boar of sacrament of juvenile viarge of damn mustard of bitch child of mautadine of sapristi. »


« Saint-ciarge boar tabarnouche boswell chive from Jesus Marie Joseph meat dog caltor de ciarge de saint-cimonaque de cursed patente à kid colon de caliboire de mautadit sacréfice mardard sacréfice bastard of eater of carrion ostify of torrieux of tabarnak. »

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