Eric Duhaime is kicked out of the parliamentary committee on compulsory vaccination

Éric Duhaime, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, was expelled from the parliamentary committee on compulsory vaccination for health reasons. Since the start of the pandemic, the National Assembly has not accepted that the public attend parliamentary committees. An employee of the Assembly asked Mr. Duhaime to leave the room, he left. He then made a post to explain the event and criticize the decision: “ When I was given my National Assembly pass last week, I was told that one of my privileges was to be able to attend parliamentary committees. Today, the Coalition-Libérale-Péquiste-Solidaire has just expelled me by inventing a rule because I am a volunteer employee of Claire Samson, unpaid. I was among 25 empty chairs and they claim there is a health hazard. It's been 18 months since François Legault put democracy on hold. Today, he has reached the point of asking his deputies and his opposition allies to expel the only party leader for his abusive health measures. François Legault has just set another dangerous precedent. Pitiful! ».

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