Claude Bégin writes a note to ex-girlfriend Clodelle following the announcement of his participation in Occupation Double

The candidates for Double Occupation in the West were announced today. One of the participants surprised several Internet users to join this adventure. Singer and model Clodelle embarks on the popular reality show. Clodelle dated for several years with the talented musician Claude Bégin. He had announced that he was single when he appeared on the Big Brother Celebrities show. We could see him fall in love with influencer Lysandre Nadeau.

Following the announcement of Occupation Double, Claude Bégin reacted. He wishes the best for his ex-girlfriend: " Sometimes life gives us big challenges. Here is the privilege that was offered to you, after all this collateral emotional circus that we inflicted on ourselves before, during and after our breakup. I am proud to see you face this new chapter with courage and ardor. I wish you to make yourself as far as possible. You are wonderful, you will be fine. See you soon @clodelle »

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