After 10 years Marie-Andrée Poulin leaves TVA for another professional field

It was during the TVA Nouvelles at 18 p.m. last Sunday that the news anchor Michel Jean announced that it was the last time he was working with Marie-Andrée Poulin. The smiling and excellent weather presenter and specialist in arts and entertainment has decided to quit TVA. Marie-Andrée returned to teaching during the pandemic to give a boost. She therefore left the world of television to return to the world of education. Marie-Andrée will deliver her last weather report on August 27 on the Salut Bonjour program. She has worked at TVA and LCN since 2011, and this fall she returns as a teacher in a school in the Montérégie.

In his homage, Michel Jean said: “ I know you don't want to talk too much about it, but we wanted to stress it, you are about to leave TVA after 10 years of service and it will surprise no one if I say that you are a colleague appreciated by everyone. If I also say that you always have the same smile in real life and that you are always like that. But what people know less about you is that you graduated in preschool education in teaching that during the pandemic you took up your service to help and there you have the desire to help once again… Bravo Marie! You are a colleague whom we have very much appreciated and the viewers have also greatly appreciated. We will miss you Marie anyway. »

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