They organize a thematic District 31 costume party

In order to mark several birthdays, Jolann Rochefort and his friend Roxanne Brousseau decided to organize a District 31 thematic party. They put the preparations for the party on TikTok, and their video was quite successful. You can see the famous mugs from the show, badges for each character, the famous gummies with a little something extra about the commander, a crime scene, extracts from the show on the TV, a printer to destroy for Pat Bissonnette ... It is really successful!

@ jolann._rA crazy organization with @roxannebrousseau. Would you like to see our costumes? 👌🏻 ## district31 ## party ## themeparty ##police♬ original sound - Jol-ann R Fort

@ jolann._rA little glimpse of our characters in connection with my last tiktok. 🤗 ## District31

♬ original sound - Jol-ann R Fort

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