Michel Côté talks about his retirement and he is happy to have ended on a success

The excellent Michel Côté spoke about his retirement during the first episode of the Podcast Sortez le popcorn with host Catherine Beauchamp. From the start of the podcast, Michel explains: “ The pandemic made me realize that it would be fun not to work anymore (…) I was 71, I worked 50 years. All other trades have the right to retire. But we, if we talk about that, we are told: "Well see, you have no right ... you have no retirement". It's a job that made me extremely happy, I worked hard, I played in the theater about 3500 times alongside that. I gave a lot in the promotion, I managed to raise my two children, I am still with my wife, it will be 49 years. I succeeded a lot of things and I said to myself why not end with a success. ". We wish him a happy retirement and have fun with his loved ones!


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