15 items from the 90s / early 2000 for sale on Marketplace

Those nostalgic for the 90s and early 2000s will be delighted to find items from their youth on Marketplace. With this platform, you can really find anything. After some research, we offer you 15 objects that will bring back memories.


Macintosh Classic 1990 with keyboard, mouse and printer



Set of 10 glasses and vintage palm tree pitcher



Collection of over 200 SAFARIR books



Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart



35 novels by the Short Scale


Passe-Partout figurines



 The Fury games



The famous yellow Sony walkman



A Blue Bird school bus



A lot of old cellphones 



Laminate from Marjo



64 lbs Chills



Collection of old Metro and Bus routes between 1967 and 2007



Tights Albums



Mixmania's VHS


The Hydro-Quebec social media team and Valentine clash in a rather comical discussion


The journalist who was given a skunk responds in the best way to her detractors



Vincent Langlois has extremely swollen face after his first tattoo removal session


Pascale Nadeau addresses internet users following the announcement of her retirement


A special program will be broadcast to mark Watatatow's 30th birthday