The words of Co-pilot by FouKi and Jay Scøtt

The lyrics of the song Copilote by FouKi and Jay Scøtt


Thought we were made friends
But I don't think she understood well, oh no
She used to be my co-pilot
We drove on 440 towards the Pie-IX bridge
140, never stuck with a speed ticket
Call me Paul Walker
Rolling in the deep like Adèle, at one point it could roll
I admit that I had drunk a little
But I have returned with my adult license, I have 15 demerit points
We fall
We fall down
Like the leaves in autumn
Seems it was not the right one
Fak there I'm just going to take it
My GPS to get to
If you text me, I could answer
Check me flex if we cross paths on the street
Stop from there
I gave you everything and you don't answer me
Before you never wanted to move
There you're still on the party and bullshit
You are one of the cool kids
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Party in the West with a cupi in Thule
Not far from the survival kit (no, no)
Only 4 points on my license
I should know everything that is forbidden
The fast lane to the good life, hey
You're my co-pilot like Letty, yeah
Baby, I'm blaze on Waze
So take the wheel
She puts the sunscreen in a spray
And then she takes off her pantyhose
Come naked on the beach
That I play two or three chords for you, yeah
That I pitch you in the lake, but yes
Only if you agree, hey
We spent the last few summers on the road
Go as far as you can on the cruise
If I have to have sheets somewhere
We will sleep in the parking lot
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Check moe ben, check moe ben, check moe ben, get real
You didn't want to give me the way fak I continued alone
I can listen to the music that I want
But I have no one to ride my Backwoods
When I ride, it's a little dangerous
I ride when I ride, it can stop me
It's always a little warmer inside than outside anyway
I'm going flying
On the highway
If I ever hit an accident
You will come and join me in the emergency
It won't be the first time
That an artist arrives in an ambulance
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
If you want we can ride to Vancouver
Or belly to Mexico to skip the winter
I can drive to the other side of the world
In search of gas stations
If I could I would have a flying car
Road trip on the ocean with the all gang
The two of us on top of the highest mountain, yeah
Ooh-wah, ooh-wah, ooh
When I'm high there's no turmoil
I just have my endurance tested
It won't be the first time
That an artist arrives in an ambulance

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